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Mt. Tshugush Adygea AdygejaNorth Caucasus

Geoinformation on this Location

Latitude Longitude This Location at ...
43.8002800° N40.2170900° E
# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.34065: Agyneta rurestris Linyphiidae Agyneta rurestris Tanasevitch (1987a)
2.34073: Agyneta subtilis Linyphiidae Agyneta subtilis Tanasevitch (1987a)
3.34342: Dactylopisthes procurvus Linyphiidae Caucasopisthes procurvus Tanasevitch (1987a)
4.34379: Erigone capra Linyphiidae Erigone dentigera Tanasevitch (1987a)
5.34109: Frontinellina frutetorum Linyphiidae Frontinellina frutetorum Tanasevitch (1987a)
6.34421: Hylyphantes nigritus Linyphiidae Hylyphantes nigritus Tanasevitch (1987a)
7.34197: Linyphia hortensis Linyphiidae Linyphia hortensis Tanasevitch (1987a)
8.34269: Plesiophantes joosti Linyphiidae Plesiophantes joosti Tanasevitch (1987a)
9.34536: Plesiophantes joosti Linyphiidae Plesiophantes tanasevitchi Tanasevitch (1987a)
10.34174: Lepthyphantes obscurus Linyphiidae Prinerigone vagans Tanasevitch (1987a)
11.34494: Silometopus elegans Linyphiidae Silometopus elegans Tanasevitch (1987a)
12.34181: Lepthyphantes tenuis Linyphiidae Tenuiphantes tenuis Tanasevitch (1987a)
13.34509: Walckenaeria antica Linyphiidae Walckenaeria antica Tanasevitch (1987a)
14.33379: Pardosa abagensis Lycosidae Pardosa abagensis Ovtsharenko (1979)
15.33382: Pardosa buchari Lycosidae Pardosa buchari Ovtsharenko (1979)
16.Pardosa incerta on Mt. Tshugush Lycosidae Pardosa incerta Zyuzin & Ovtsharenko (1979)
17.33328: Pardosa incerta Lycosidae Pardosa incerta Ovtsharenko (1979)
18.33344: Pirata hurcai Lycosidae Piratula hurkai Ovtsharenko (1979)
19.34007: Clubiona subsultans Clubionidae Clubiona subsultans Mikhailov (1992)
20.Parasyrisca caucasica on Mt. ChugushGnaphosidae Parasyrisca caucasica Ovtsharenko et al. (1995)
21.Parasyrisca guzeripli on Mt. ChugushGnaphosidae Parasyrisca guzeripli Ovtsharenko et al. (1995)
22.33374: Oxyptila balkarica Thomisidae Ozyptila orientalis balkarica Ovtsharenko (1979)
23.33349: Xysticus bacurianensis Thomisidae Xysticus bacurianensis Ovtsharenko (1979)
24.33364: Xysticus bacurianensis Thomisidae Xysticus bacurianensis Ovtsharenko (1979)
25.33355: Xysticus spasskyi Thomisidae Xysticus spasskyi Ovtsharenko (1979)
26.33371: Xysticus ukrainicus Thomisidae Xysticus ukrainicus Ovtsharenko (1979)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
1.32572: Drassodes lapidosus Gnaphosidae Drassodes lapidosus Ovtsharenko (1977) view citing publication ...
2.31676: Drassodes lapidosus Gnaphosidae Drassodes lapidosus Ovtsharenko (1979) view citing publication ...
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