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Ponomarev, A.V. & G.M. Abdurakhmanov (2014): Spiders (Aranei) of North Caspian Coast and Islands. 1: 76-121PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Aelurillus v-insignitus at Barkhan Sarykym Aelurillus v-insignitus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
2.Aelurillus v-insignitus at Sulak Aelurillus v-insignitus Sulak
3.Agelena labyrinthica at Barkhan Sarykym Agelena labyrinthica Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
4.Agelenatea redii at Barkhan Sarykym near Makhachkala Agalenatea redii Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
5.Allohogna singoriensis on Tshetshen Island Lycosa singoriensis Tshetshen Island
6.Alopecosa cursor on Tshetshen Island Alopecosa cursor Tshetshen Island
7.Alopecosa taeniopus at Barkhan Sarykym Alopecosa taeniopus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
8.Araneus diadematus on Agrakhan Peninsula Araneus diadematus Agrakhan Peninsula
9.Arctosa ravida on Tshetshen Island Arctosa ravida Tshetshen Island
10.Arctosa stigmosa on Tshetshen Island Arctosa stigmosa Tshetshen Island
11.Asagena phalerata at Barkhan Sarykym Asagena phalerata Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
12.Asagena phalerata on Tshetshen Island Asagena phalerata Tshetshen Island
13.Atypus muralis at Barkhan Sarykym Atypus muralis Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
14.Berlandina caspica on Tshetshen Island Berlandina caspica Tshetshen Island
15.Berlandina cinerea on Tshetshen Island Berlandina cinerea Tshetshen Island
16.Berlandina nabozhenkoi on Tshetshen Island Berlandina nabozhenkoi Tshetshen Island
17.Bogdocosa baskuntchakensis at Barkhan Sarykym Bogdocosa baskuntchakensis Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
18.Bogdocosa baskuntchakensis on Tshetshen Island Bogdocosa baskuntchakensis Tshetshen Island
19.Cheiracanthium elegans on Tshetshen Island Cheiracanthium elegans Tshetshen Island
20.Cheiracanthium mildei at Barkhan Sarykym Cheiracanthium mildei Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
21.Cheiracanthium montanum on Tshetshen Island Cheiracanthium montanum Tshetshen Island
22.Cheiracanthium virescens on Tshetshen Island Cheiracanthium virescens Tshetshen Island
23.Civizelotes caucasius at Barkhan Sarykym Zelotes caucasius Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
24.Civizelotes caucasius on Tshetshen Island Zelotes caucasius Tshetshen Island
25.Drassodes caspius on Tshetshen Island Drassodes caspius Tshetshen Island
26.Drassodes lapidosus at Barkhan Sarykym Drassodes lapidosus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
27.Drassodes lapidosus on Tshetshen Island Drassodes lapidosus Tshetshen Island
28.Drassodes lutescens at Barkhan Sarykym Drassodes lutescens Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
29.Drasyllus praeficus at Barkhan Sarykym Drassyllus praeficus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
30.Enoplognatha thoracica at Barkhan Sarykym Enoplognatha thoracica Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
31.Episinus truncatus at Barkhan Sarykym Episinus truncatus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
32.Eresus kollari (juvenile) at Barkhan Sarykym Eresus kollari Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
33.Evippa apsheronica on Tshetshen Island Evippa apsheronica Tshetshen Island
34.Gibbaranea bituberculata at Barkhan Sarykym Gibbaranea bituberculata Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
35.Gnaphosa dolosa on Tshetshen Island Gnaphosa dolosa Tshetshen Island
36.Gnaphosa leporina at Barkhan Sarykym Gnaphosa leporina Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
37.Gnaphosa mongolica at Barkhan Sarykym Gnaphosa mongolica Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
38.Gnaphosa mongolica on Tshetshen Island Gnaphosa mongolica Tshetshen Island
39.Haplodrassus bohemica at Barkhan Sarykym Haplodrassus bohemicus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
40.Haplodrassus dalmatensis at Barkhan Sarykym Haplodrassus dalmatensis Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
41.Haplodrassus dalmatensis on Tshetshen Island Haplodrassus dalmatensis Tshetshen Island
42.Haplodrassus signifer on Tshetshen Island Haplodrassus signifer Tshetshen Island
43.Heliophanus auratus on Tshetshen Island Heliophanus auratus Tshetshen Island
44.Heliophanus dunini at Sulak Heliophanus dunini Sulak
45.Heriaeus horridus on Tshetshen Island Heriaeus horridus Tshetshen Island
46.Hogna radiata at Barkhan Sarykym Hogna radiata Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
47.Kochiura aulica on Tshetshen Island Kochiura aulica Tshetshen Island
48.Larinioides ixobolus on Tshetshen Island Larinioides ixobolus Tshetshen Island
49.Latrodectus tredecimguttatus on Tshetshen Island Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Tshetshen Island
50.Linyphia triangularis at Sulak Linyphia triangularis Sulak
51.Mangora acalypha at Barkhan Sarykym Mangora acalypha Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
52.Misumena vatia at Makhatshkala Misumena vatia Makhatshkala
53.Mogrus neglectus on Tshetshen Island Mogrus neglectus Tshetshen Island
54.Mustelicosa dimidiata at Barkhan Sarykym Mustelicosa dimidiata Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
55.Mustelicosa dimidiata on Tshetshen Island Mustelicosa dimidiata Tshetshen Island
56.Nomisia exornata at Barkhan Sarykym Nomisia exornata Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
57.Nomisia exornata on Tshetshen Island Nomisia exornata Tshetshen Island
58.Oxyopes globifer on Tshetshen Island Oxyopes globifer Tshetshen Island
59.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Barkhan Sarykym Oxyopes heterophthalmus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
60.Oxyopes lineatus at Barkhan Sarykym Oxyopes lineatus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
61.Oxyopes lineatus on Tshetshen Island Oxyopes lineatus Tshetshen Island
62.Ozyptila atomaria at Barkhan Sarykym Ozyptila atomaria Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
63.Ozyptila scabricula at Barkhan Sarykym Ozyptila scabricula Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
64.Ozyptila tricoloripes at Barkhan Sarykym Ozyptila tricoloripes Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
65.Pardosa nebulosa at Sulak Pardosa nebulosa Sulak
66.Pellenes allegrii at Sulak Pellenes allegrii Sulak
67.Philaeus chrysops at Barkhan Sarykym Philaeus chrysops Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
68.Philaeus chrysops on Tshetshen Island Philaeus chrysops Tshetshen Island
69.Phlegra fasciata at Barkhan Sarykym Phlegra fasciata Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
70.Pholcus ponticus on Tshetshen Island Pholcus ponticus Tshetshen Island
71.Pisaura mirabilis on Tshetshen Island Pisaura mirabilis Tshetshen Island
72.Pisaura novicia at Barkhan Sarykym Pisaura novicia Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
73.Pisaura novicia on Tshetshen Island Pisaura novicia Tshetshen Island
74.Salticus tricinctus on Tshetshen Island Salticus tricinctus Tshetshen Island
75.Scotophaeus scutulatus at Barkhan Sarykym Scotophaeus scutulatus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
76.Scytodes thoracica at Barkhan Sarykym Scytodes thoracica Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
77.Simitidion simile at Barkhan Sarykym Simitidion simile Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
78.Singa nitidula on Tyuleniy Island Singa nitidula Tyuleniy Island
79.Sitticus ammophilus at Sulak Attulus ammophilus Sulak
80.Steatoda albomaculata at Barkhan Sarykym Steatoda albomaculata Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
81.Steatoda albomaculata on Tshetshen Island Steatoda albomaculata Tshetshen Island
82.Steatoda dahli on Tshetshen Island Steatoda dahli Tshetshen Island
83.Steatoda paykulliana at Barkhan Sarykym Steatoda paykulliana Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
84.Tegenaria domestica on Tshetshen Island Tegenaria domestica Tshetshen Island
85.Thanatus vulgaris on Tshetshen Island Thanatus vulgaris Tshetshen Island
86.Theridion melanurum on Tshetshen Island Theridion melanurum Tshetshen Island
87.Thomisus onustus on Tshetshen Island Thomisus onustus Tshetshen Island
88.Tibellus oblongus on Tshetshen Island Tibellus oblongus Tshetshen Island
89.Trochosa ruricola at Makhatshkala Trochosa ruricola Makhatshkala
90.Xerolycosa miniata on Tshetshen Island Xerolycosa miniata Tshetshen Island
91.Xysticus cristatus on Tshetshen Island Xysticus cristatus Tshetshen Island
92.Xysticus kochi at Barkhan Sarykym Xysticus kochi Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
93.Xysticus mongolicus at Sulak Xysticus mongolicus Sulak
94.Xysticus mongolicus on Tshetshen Island Xysticus mongolicus Tshetshen Island
95.Xysticus robustus at Barkhan Sarykym Xysticus robustus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
96.Xysticus tristrami at Barkhan Sarykym Xysticus tristrami Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
97.Xysticus tristrami on Tshetshen Island Xysticus tristrami Tshetshen Island
98.Yllenus albocinctus on Tshetshen Island Yllenus albocinctus Tshetshen Island
99.Yllenus caspicus on Tshetshen Island Yllenus caspicus Tshetshen Island
100.Zelotes electus at Barkhan Sarykym Zelotes electus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
101.Zelotes electus on Tshetshen Island Zelotes electus Tshetshen Island
102.Zelotes longipes at Barkhan Sarykym Zelotes longipes Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
103.Zelotes longipes on Tshetshen Island Zelotes longipes Tshetshen Island
104.Zelotes segrex at Barkhan Sarykym Zelotes segrex Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
105.Zodarion morosum at Barkhan Sarykym Zodarion morosus Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
106.Zodarion morosum on Tshetshen Island Zodarion morosus Tshetshen Island
107.Zora pardalis at Barkhan Sarykym Zora pardalis Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)
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