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Sarykum Dune (Barkhan Sarykym)Dagestan DagestanNorth Caucasus

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43.0071300° N47.2288900° E
# Original Records at this Location Family Species Publication
1.Atypus muralis at Barkhan SarykymAtypidae Atypus muralis Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
2.Scytodes thoracica at Barkhan SarykymScytodidae Scytodes thoracica Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
3.Harpactea modesta at Barkhan SarykymDysderidae Harpactea modesta Ponomarev & Dvadnenko (2013)
4.Eresus kollari (juvenile) at Barkhan SarykymEresidae Eresus kollari Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
5.Asagena phalerata at Barkhan SarykymTheridiidae Asagena phalerata Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
6.Enoplognatha thoracica at Barkhan SarykymTheridiidae Enoplognatha thoracica Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
7.Episinus truncatus at Barkhan SarykymTheridiidae Episinus truncatus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
8.Simitidion simile at Barkhan SarykymTheridiidae Simitidion simile Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
9.Steatoda albomaculata at Barkhan SarykymTheridiidae Steatoda albomaculata Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
10.Steatoda paykulliana at Barkhan SarykymTheridiidae Steatoda paykulliana Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
11.Agelenatea redii at Barkhan Sarykym near MakhachkalaAraneidae Agalenatea redii Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
12.Agalenatea redii at Barkhan Sarykym near MakhachkalaAraneidae Agalenatea redii Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
13.Gibbaranea bituberculata at Barkhan SarykymAraneidae Gibbaranea bituberculata Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
14.Gibbaranea bituberculata at Barkhan SarykimAraneidae Gibbaranea bituberculata Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
15.Mangora acalypha at Barkhan SarykymAraneidae Mangora acalypha Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
16.Alopecosa cursor at Barkhan SarykimLycosidae Alopecosa cursor Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
17.Alopecosa taeniopus at Barkhan SarykymLycosidae Alopecosa taeniopus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
18.Bogdocosa baskuntchakensis at Barkhan SarykymLycosidae Bogdocosa baskuntchakensis Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
19.Hogna radiata at Barkhan SarykymLycosidae Hogna radiata Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
20.Mustelicosa dimidiata at Barkhan SarykymLycosidae Mustelicosa dimidiata Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
21.Pisaura novicia at Barkhan SarykymPisauridae Pisaura novicia Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
22.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Barkhan SarykymOxyopidae Oxyopes heterophthalmus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
23.Oxyopes lineatus at Barkhan SarykymOxyopidae Oxyopes lineatus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
24.Zora pardalis at Barkhan SarykymZoridae Zora pardalis Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
25.Agelena labyrinthica at Barkhan SarykymAgelenidae Agelena labyrinthica Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
26.Cheiracanthium mildei at Barkhan SarykymMiturgidae Cheiracanthium mildei Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
27.Zodarion morosum at Barkhan SarykymZodariidae Zodarion morosus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
28.Drassodes lacertosus at Barkhan SarykimGnaphosidae Drassodes chybyndensis Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
29.Drassodes lapidosus at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Drassodes lapidosus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
30.Drassodes lutescens at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Drassodes lutescens Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
31.Drasyllus praeficus at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Drassyllus praeficus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
32.Gnaphosa leporina at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Gnaphosa leporina Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
33.Gnaphosa mongolica at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Gnaphosa mongolica Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
34.Haplodrassus bohemica at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Haplodrassus bohemicus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
35.Haplodrassus dalmatensis at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Haplodrassus dalmatensis Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
36.Nomisia exornata at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Nomisia exornata Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
37.Scotophaeus scutulatus at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Scotophaeus scutulatus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
38.Civizelotes caucasius at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Zelotes caucasius Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
39.Zelotes electus at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Zelotes electus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
40.Zelotes longipes at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Zelotes longipes Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
41.Zelotes segrex at Barkhan SarykymGnaphosidae Zelotes segrex Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
42.Ozyptila atomaria at Barkhan SarykymThomisidae Ozyptila atomaria Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
43.Ozyptila scabricula at Barkhan SarykymThomisidae Ozyptila scabricula Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
44.Ozyptila tricoloripes at Barkhan SarykymThomisidae Ozyptila tricoloripes Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
45.Xysticus kochi at Barkhan SarykimThomisidae Xysticus kochi Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
46.Xysticus kochi at Barkhan SarykymThomisidae Xysticus kochi Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
47.Xysticus laetus at Barkhan SarykimThomisidae Xysticus laetus Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
48.Xysticus robustus at Barkhan SarykymThomisidae Xysticus robustus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
49.Xysticus tristrami at Barkhan SarykymThomisidae Xysticus tristrami Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
50.Aelurillus v-insignitus at Barkhan SarykymSalticidae Aelurillus v-insignitus Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
51.Philaeus chrysops at Barkhan SarykymSalticidae Philaeus chrysops Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
52.Philaeus chrysops at Barkhan SarykkimSalticidae Philaeus chrysops Ponomarev et al. (2011b)
53.Phlegra fasciata at Barkhan SarykymSalticidae Phlegra fasciata Ponomarev & Abdurakhmanov (2014)
# Cited Records at this location Family Species Original Publication
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