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Khalidov, A. K. & Ponomarev, A. V. (2008): Representative overview on the araneofauna of the deciduous forest associations of the central foothills of Dagestan. Sovr. Prob. Biol. Ecol. Shiv., Makhatshkala: Izd. DGPU: 77-83PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Achaearanea lunata at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Parasteatoda lunata Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
2.Achaearanea lunata at Verkhniy Karanai Parasteatoda lunata Verkhniy Karanai
3.Achaearanea tepidariorum at Erpeli Parasteatoda tepidariorum Erpeli
4.Achaearanea tepidariorum at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Parasteatoda tepidariorum Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
5.Alopecosa cuneata at Verkhniy Karanai Alopecosa cuneata Verkhniy Karanai
6.Alopecosa pulverulenta at Erpeli Alopecosa pulverulenta Erpeli
7.Araneus diadematus at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Araneus diadematus Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
8.Araniella cucurbitina at Erpeli Araniella cucurbitina Erpeli
9.Araniella cucurbitina at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Araniella cucurbitina Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
10.Araniella cucurbitina at Verkhniy Karanai Araniella cucurbitina Verkhniy Karanai
11.Cheiracanthium erraticum at Verkhnee kazanishtshe Cheiracanthium erraticum Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
12.Cyclosa conica at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Cyclosa conica Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
13.Cyclosa conica at Verkhniy Karanai Cyclosa conica Verkhniy Karanai
14.Cyclosa sierrae at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Cyclosa sierrae Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
15.Diplostyla concolor at Erpeli Diplostyla concolor Erpeli
16.Drassodes lutescens at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Drassodes lutescens Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
17.Ebrechtella tricuspidata at Erpeli Ebrechtella tricuspidata Erpeli
18.Ebrechtella tricuspidata at Verkhniy Karanai Ebrechtella tricuspidata Verkhniy Karanai
19.Enoplognatha oelandica at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Enoplognatha oelandica Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
20.Evarcha arcuata at Erpeli Evarcha arcuata Erpeli
21.Gnaphosa lucifuga at Gukasyan Salticus tricinctus Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
22.Haplodrassus signifer at Verkhniy Karanai Haplodrassus signifer Verkhniy Karanai
23.Linyphia hortensis at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Linyphia hortensis Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
24.Mangora acalypha at Erpeli Mangora acalypha Erpeli
25.Mangora acalypha at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Mangora acalypha Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
26.Mangora acalypha at Verkhniy Karanai Mangora acalypha Verkhniy Karanai
27.Metellina segmentata at Verkhniy Karanai Metellina segmentata Verkhniy Karanai
28.Microlinyphia pusilla at Erpeli Microlinyphia pusilla Erpeli
29.Microlinyphia pusilla at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Microlinyphia pusilla Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
30.Microlinyphia pusilla at Verkhniy Karanai Microlinyphia pusilla Verkhniy Karanai
31.Microlinyphia pusilla at Verkhnyaya Balkaria Microlinyphia pusilla Verhnyaya Balkaria
32.Misumena vatia at Verkhniy Karanai Misumena vatia Verkhniy Karanai
33.Mustelicosa dimidiata at Verkhniy Karanai Mustelicosa dimidiata Verkhniy Karanai
34.Neriene emphana at Erpeli Neriene emphana Erpeli
35.Neriene emphana at Verkhniy Karanai Neriene emphana Verkhniy Karanai
36.Neriene montana at Verkhniy Karanai Neriene montana Verkhniy Karanai
37.Neriene peltata at Verkhniy Karanai Neriene peltata Verkhniy Karanai
38.Neriene radiata at Verkhniy Karanai Neriene radiata Verkhniy Karanai
39.Oxyopes heterophthalmus at Erpeli Oxyopes heterophthalmus Erpeli
40.Pachygnatha degeeri at Erpeli Pachygnatha degeeri Erpeli
41.Pachygnatha degeeri at Verkhniy Karanai Pachygnatha degeeri Verkhniy Karanai
42.Pardosa agrestis at Erpeli Pardosa agrestis Erpeli
43.Pardosa agrestis at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Pardosa agrestis Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
44.Pardosa agrestis at Verkhniy Karanai Pardosa agrestis Verkhniy Karanai
45.Pardosa bifasciata at Erpeli Pardosa bifasciata Erpeli
46.Pardosa bifasciata at Verkhniy Karanai Pardosa bifasciata Verkhniy Karanai
47.Pardosa caucasica at Erpeli Pardosa caucasica Erpeli
48.Pardosa caucasica at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Pardosa caucasica Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
49.Pardosa caucasica at Verkhniy Karanai Pardosa caucasica Verkhniy Karanai
50.Pardosa hortensis at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Pardosa hortensis Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
51.Pardosa italica at Verkhniy Karanai Pardosa jaikensis Verkhniy Karanai misident., see Abdurakhmanov et al. (2012: 76)
52.Pardosa paludicola at Erpeli Pardosa paludicola Erpeli
53.Pardosa tasevi at Erpeli Pardosa tasevi Erpeli
54.Philodromus dispar at Verkhniy Karanai Philodromus dispar Verkhniy Karanai
55.Pholcus alticeps at Erpeli Pholcus alticeps Erpeli
56.Pholcus ponticus at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Pholcus ponticus Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
57.Phrurolithus festivus at Erpeli Phrurolithus festivus Erpeli
58.Pisaura mirabilis at Erpeli Pisaura mirabilis Erpeli
59.Pisaura mirabilis at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Pisaura mirabilis Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
60.Pisaura mirabilis at Verkhniy Karanai Pisaura mirabilis Verkhniy Karanai
61.Pseudeuophrys erratica at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Pseudeuophrys erratica Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
62.Pseudeuophrys erratica at Verkhniy Karanai Pseudeuophrys erratica Verkhniy Karanai
63.Salticus tricinctus at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Salticus tricinctus Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
64.Steatoda castanea at Erpeli Steatoda castanea Erpeli
65.Steatoda castanea at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Steatoda castanea Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
66.Steatoda paykulliana at Erpeli Steatoda paykulliana Erpeli
67.Stemonyphantes lineatus at Verkhniy Karanai Stemonyphantes lineatus Verkhniy Karanai
68.Synaema globosum at Erpeli Synema globosum Erpeli
69.Theridion nigrivariegatum at Verkhniy Karanai Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum Verkhniy Karanai
70.Tibellus oblongus at Erpeli Tibellus oblongus Erpeli
71.Tricca lutetiana at Erpeli Arctosa lutetiana Erpeli
72.Trochosa robusta at Erpeli Trochosa robusta Erpeli
73.Trochosa robusta at Verkhniy Karanai Trochosa robusta Verkhniy Karanai
74.Trochosa ruricola at Erpeli Trochosa ruricola Erpeli
75.Trochosa terricola at Erpeli Trochosa terricola Erpeli
76.Trochosa terricola at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Trochosa terricola Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
77.Trochosa terricola at Verkhniy Karanai Trochosa terricola Verkhniy Karanai
78.Xerolycosa nemoralis at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Xerolycosa nemoralis Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
79.Xerolycosa nemoralis at Verkhniy Karanai Xerolycosa nemoralis Verkhniy Karanai
80.Xysticus kochi at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Xysticus kochi Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
81.Xysticus kochi at Verkhniy Karanai Xysticus kochi Verkhniy Karanai
82.Zilla diodia at Verkhniy Karanai Zilla diodia Verkhniy Karanai
83.Zora armillata at Erpeli Zora armillata Erpeli
84.Zora armillata at Verkhniy Karanai Zora armillata Verkhniy Karanai
85.Zora nemoralis at Erpeli Zora nemoralis Erpeli
86.Zora nemoralis at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Zora nemoralis Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
87.Zora nemoralis at Verkhniy Karanai Zora nemoralis Verkhniy Karanai
88.Zora spinimana at Erpeli Zora spinimana Erpeli
89.Zora spinimana at Verkhnee Kazanishtshe Zora spinimana Verkhnee Kazanishtshe
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