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Tanasevitch, A. V. (1990): The spider family Linyphiidae in the fauna of the Caucasus. Fauna of the terrestrial invertebrates of the Caucasus pp. 5-114. Nauka, Moscow.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.34633: Agyneta conigera Agyneta conigera Teberda State Reserve
2.34634: Agyneta conigera Agyneta conigera Dombai
3.34635: Agyneta conigera Agyneta conigera Tsey
4.34636: Agyneta conigera Agyneta conigera Tshilisa
5.34637: Agyneta conigera Agyneta conigera Shamshaduin
6.34638: Agyneta fuscipalpis Agyneta fuscipalpa Ardon River (Alagir Valley)
7.34641: Agyneta mollis Agyneta mollis Kolkheti National Park
8.34642: Agyneta mollis Agyneta mollis Abkhazia
9.34643: Agyneta ramosa Agyneta ramosa Teberda State Reserve
10.34644: Agyneta ramosa Agyneta ramosa Arkhyz
11.34645: Agyneta ramosa Agyneta ramosa Uiltsa
12.34646: Agyneta ramosa Agyneta ramosa Manglisi
13.34647: Agyneta ramosa Agyneta ramosa Ijevan
14.34649: Agyneta ressli Agyneta mesasiatica Ardon River (Alagir Valley)
15.34650: Agyneta ressli Agyneta mesasiatica Zakataly
16.34651: Agyneta ressli Agyneta mesasiatica Baku
17.34652: Agyneta ressli Agyneta mesasiatica Enikend (Divichi)
18.34658: Agyneta rurestris Agyneta rurestris Kardzhin
19.34659: Agyneta rurestris Agyneta rurestris Tsey
20.34660: Agyneta rurestris Agyneta rurestris Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
21.34661: Agyneta rurestris Agyneta rurestris Fiagdon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
22.34662: Agyneta rurestris Agyneta rurestris Niszhnaya Yashtukha
23.34663: Agyneta rurestris Agyneta rurestris Spitak
24.34664: Agyneta rurestris Agyneta rurestris Alytsch
25.34672: Agyneta saxatilis Agyneta saxatilis Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
26.34685: Bolyphantes alticeps Bolyphantes alticeps Tsey
27.34686: Bolyphantes alticeps Bolyphantes alticeps Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
28.34687: Bolyphantes alticeps Bolyphantes alticeps Uiltsa
29.34692: Bolyphantes caucasicus Bolephthyphantes caucasicus Uiltsa
30.34693: Bolyphantes lamellaris Bolyphantes lamellaris Tsey
31.34694: Bolyphantes lamellaris Bolyphantes lamellaris Uiltsa
32.34695: Centromerita concinna Centromerita concinna Tsey
33.34696: Centromerita concinna Centromerita concinna Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
34.34697: Centromerita concinna Centromerita concinna Uiltsa
35.34699: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Goygoyl Zapovednik
36.34700: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Ismaily
37.34701: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Kuba
38.34702: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Nabran
39.34703: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Bash Layski
40.34704: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Dashalty
41.34705: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Bichenek Pass
42.34706: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Ekheknut
43.34707: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Lichk
44.34708: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Stepanavan
45.34709: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Batsaris Protected Area
46.34710: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Ijevan
47.34711: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Odzun
48.34712: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Agarutsin
49.34713: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Pslukh
50.34714: Centromerus minor at Abago S of Guzeripl Centromerus minor Mt. Abago
51.34715: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Zheleznovodsk
52.34716: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Tsey
53.34717: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Uiltsa
54.34718: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Kardzhin
55.34719: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Garakh
56.34720: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Nikortsminda
57.34721: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor 15 km W of Adigeni
58.34722: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Kazbegi
59.34723: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Qvareli
60.34724: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Mestia
61.34725: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Bakuriani
62.34726: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Manglisi
63.34727: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Babaneuri Protected Area
64.34728: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Mamison Pass
65.34729: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Pitsunda
66.34730: Centromerus minor Centromerus minor Batumi
67.34731: Centromerus sylvaticus Centromerus sylvaticus Teberda State Reserve
68.34732: Centromerus sylvaticus Centromerus sylvaticus Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
69.34735: Diplostyla concolor Diplostyla concolor Pslukh
70.34736: Diplostyla concolor Diplostyla concolor Pregradnaja
71.34737: Diplostyla concolor Diplostyla concolor Khiv
72.34738: Diplostyla concolor Diplostyla concolor Heyvali
73.34739: Diplostyla concolor Diplostyla concolor Belokan
74.34740: Diplostyla concolor Diplostyla concolor Nadirkhanlui
75.34741: Diplostyla concolor Diplostyla concolor Spitak
76.34742: Diplostyla concolor Diplostyla concolor Tsakhkavan
77.34743: Diplostyla concolor Diplostyla concolor Lermontovo
78.34750: Drapetisca socialis Drapetisca socialis Teberda State Reserve
79.34751: Drapetisca socialis Drapetisca socialis Kardzhin
80.34752: Drapetisca socialis Drapetisca socialis Tsey
81.34753: Drapetisca socialis Drapetisca socialis Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
82.34754: Drapetisca socialis Drapetisca socialis Uiltsa
83.34761: Frontinellina frutetorum Frontinellina frutetorum Zakataly
84.34762: Frontinellina frutetorum Frontinellina frutetorum location in Turiantshai reserve
85.34772: Lepthyphantes aequalis Tenuiphantes aequalis Teberda State Reserve
86.34773: Lepthyphantes aequalis Tenuiphantes aequalis Pushkin Pass
87.34775: Lepthyphantes amotus Incestophantes amotus Tsey
88.34776: Lepthyphantes amotus Incestophantes amotus Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
89.34777: Lepthyphantes amotus Incestophantes amotus Kariukhokh Mt.
90.34778: Lepthyphantes amotus Incestophantes amotus Cheget Mt.
91.34779: Lepthyphantes amotus Incestophantes amotus Mt. Abago
92.34780: Lepthyphantes amotus Incestophantes amotus Lagodekhi Reserve
93.34781: Lepthyphantes camelus Megalepthyphantes camelus location in Turiantshai reserve
94.34782: Lepthyphantes collinus Megalepthyphantes collinus Zakataly
95.34784: Lepthyphantes contortus Tenuiphantes contortus Arkhyz
96.34785: Lepthyphantes contortus Tenuiphantes contortus Teberda State Reserve
97.34786: Lepthyphantes contortus Tenuiphantes contortus Verhinij Chegem
98.34787: Lepthyphantes contortus Tenuiphantes contortus Tsey
99.34788: Lepthyphantes contortus Tenuiphantes contortus Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
100.34789: Lepthyphantes contortus Tenuiphantes contortus Fiagdon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
101.34790: Lepthyphantes contortus Tenuiphantes contortus Ardon River (Alagir Valley)
102.34791: Lepthyphantes contortus Tenuiphantes contortus Turshsu (Shusha)
103.34792: Lepthyphantes contortus Tenuiphantes contortus Vanadzor
104.34793: Lepthyphantes contortus Tenuiphantes contortus Pushkin Pass
105.34796: Lepthyphantes cruentatus Lepthyphantes cruentatus Derbiy Mt.
106.34797: Lepthyphantes cruentatus Lepthyphantes cruentatus Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
107.34798: Lepthyphantes cruentatus Lepthyphantes cruentatus Tbilisi National Park
108.34799: Lepthyphantes cruentatus Lepthyphantes cruentatus Mukhura
109.34804: Lepthyphantes improbulus Improphantes improbulus Teberda State Reserve
110.34805: Lepthyphantes improbulus Improphantes improbulus Verhinij Chegem
111.34806: Lepthyphantes improbulus Improphantes improbulus Mt. Elbrus
112.34807: Lepthyphantes intirmus Palliduphantes intirmus Kardzhin
113.34808: Lepthyphantes intirmus Palliduphantes intirmus Nikortsminda
114.34810: Lepthyphantes khobarum Palliduphantes khobarum Tsey
115.34811: Lepthyphantes khobarum Palliduphantes khobarum Uiltsa
116.34815: Lepthyphantes lagodekhensis Bolyphantes lagodekhensis Lagodekhi Reserve
117.34817: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Arkhyz
118.34818: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Muschichi
119.34819: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Kardzhin
120.34820: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Tsey
121.34821: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Babaneuri Protected Area
122.34822: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Akhmeta
123.34823: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
124.34824: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Saparlo
125.34825: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Cross Pass (Surami)
126.34826: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Tqibuli
127.34827: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Tbilisi National Park
128.34828: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Kolkheti National Park
129.34829: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Ritsa Lake
130.34830: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Kuba
131.34831: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei 15 km W of Mardakert
132.34832: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Nabran
133.34833: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Berdavan
134.34834: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Stepanavan
135.34835: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Ijevan
136.34836: Lepthyphantes mengei Tenuiphantes mengei Alaverdi
137.34839: Lepthyphantes morosus Tenuiphantes morosus Arkhyz
138.34840: Lepthyphantes morosus Tenuiphantes morosus Mt. Abago
139.34841: Lepthyphantes morosus Tenuiphantes morosus Turshsu (Shusha)
140.34845: Lepthyphantes nebulosus Megalepthyphantes nebulosus Digyakh
141.34847: Lepthyphantes obscurus Prinerigone vagans Mt. Elbrus
142.34850: Lepthyphantes ovalis Mansuphantes ovalis Pslukh
143.34851: Lepthyphantes ovalis Mansuphantes ovalis Teberda State Reserve
144.34852: Lepthyphantes ovalis Mansuphantes ovalis Tsey
145.34853: Lepthyphantes ovalis Mansuphantes ovalis Manglisi
146.34854: Lepthyphantes ovalis Mansuphantes ovalis Kelbadjar
147.34861: Lepthyphantes parmatus Mansuphantes parmatus Kuba
148.34862: Lepthyphantes parmatus Mansuphantes parmatus Yarimja
149.34863: Lepthyphantes parmatus Mansuphantes parmatus Garakh
150.34868: Lepthyphantes parvus Mughiphantes cornutus Verhinij Chegem
151.34869: Lepthyphantes parvus Mughiphantes cornutus Teberda State Reserve
152.34870: Lepthyphantes pinicola Piniphantes pinicola Teberda State Reserve
153.34871: Lepthyphantes pinicola Piniphantes pinicola Baksan Valley
154.34872: Lepthyphantes pinicola Piniphantes pinicola Tsey
155.34873: Lepthyphantes pinicola Piniphantes pinicola Ardon River (Kabardino-Sunshenskiy Ridge)
156.34874: Lepthyphantes pinicola Piniphantes pinicola Khosrov State Reserve
157.34875: Lepthyphantes pinicola Piniphantes pinicola Kazbegi
158.34876: Lepthyphantes quadrimaculatus Ipa terrenus Garakh
159.34877: Lepthyphantes tenuis Tenuiphantes tenuis Kardzhin
160.34878: Lepthyphantes tenuis Tenuiphantes tenuis Astanli
161.34879: Linyphia hortensis Linyphia hortensis Verhinij Chegem
162.34880: Linyphia hortensis Linyphia hortensis Ijevan
163.34881: Linyphia hortensis Linyphia hortensis Alytsch
164.34902: Macrargus carpenteri Macrargus carpenteri Teberda State Reserve
165.34903: Macrargus carpenteri Macrargus carpenteri Tsey
166.34904: Macrargus carpenteri Macrargus carpenteri Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
167.34905: Macrargus carpenteri Macrargus carpenteri Uiltsa
168.34908: Microlinyphia pusilla Microlinyphia pusilla Teberda State Reserve
169.34909: Microlinyphia pusilla Microlinyphia pusilla Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
170.34910: Microlinyphia pusilla Microlinyphia pusilla Ardon River (Alagir Valley)
171.34911: Microlinyphia pusilla Microlinyphia pusilla Divichi
172.34912: Microlinyphia pusilla Microlinyphia pusilla location in Turiantshai reserve
173.34913: Microlinyphia pusilla Microlinyphia pusilla Alytsch
174.34920: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Arkhyz
175.34921: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Dombai
176.34922: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Teberda State Reserve
177.34923: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Pslukh
178.34924: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Pslukh
179.34925: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Verhinij Chegem
180.34926: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Elbrus (village)
181.34927: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Muschichi
182.34928: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Kardzhin
183.34929: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Tsey
184.34930: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Khiv
185.34931: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Kherkhvashi
186.34932: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Manglisi
187.34933: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Akhmeta
188.34934: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Nikortsminda
189.34935: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Patara Dmanisi
190.34936: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Tbilisi National Park
191.34937: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Tbilisi National Park
192.34938: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Mukhura
193.34939: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Kolkheti National Park
194.34940: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Khaishi
195.34941: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Pskhu
196.34942: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Ritsa Lake
197.34943: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Kuba
198.34944: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Heyvali
199.34945: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Ismaily
200.34946: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Nabran
201.34947: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Yarimja
202.34948: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Lermontovo
203.34949: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Pushkin Pass
204.34950: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Stepanavan
205.34951: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Tsakhkavan
206.34952: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Berdavan
207.34953: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Ijevan
208.34954: Microneta viaria Microneta viaria Alaverdi
209.34955: Neriene clathrata Neriene clathrata Kolkheti National Park
210.34963: Neriene emphana Neriene emphana Kardzhin
211.34964: Neriene emphana Neriene emphana Lenkoran (City)
212.34976: Neriene peltata Neriene peltata Arkhyz
213.34977: Neriene peltata Neriene peltata Kardzhin
214.34978: Neriene peltata Neriene peltata Tsey
215.34979: Neriene peltata Neriene peltata Mukhura
216.34980: Neriene peltata Neriene peltata Zakataly
217.34981: Neriene peltata Neriene peltata Turshsu (Shusha)
218.34982: Neriene peltata Neriene peltata Alytsch
219.34983: Neriene peltata Neriene peltata Stepanavan
220.34984: Neriene peltata Neriene peltata Vanadzor
221.34985: Neriene peltata Neriene peltata Shamshaduin
222.34994: Neriene radiata Neriene radiata Zakataly
223.35003: Poeciloneta variegata Poeciloneta variegata Tsey
224.35009: Porrhomma montanum Porrhomma montanum Teberda State Reserve
225.35010: Porrhomma montanum Porrhomma montanum Teberda State Reserve
226.35011: Porrhomma pygmaeum Porrhomma pygmaeum Tbilisi National Park
227.35012: Porrhomma pygmaeum Porrhomma pygmaeum Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
228.35013: Porrhomma pygmaeum Porrhomma pygmaeum Mukhura
229.35014: Porrhomma pygmaeum Porrhomma pygmaeum Kolkheti National Park
230.35015: Porrhomma pygmaeum Porrhomma pygmaeum Shusha
231.35016: Porrhomma pygmaeum Porrhomma pygmaeum Turshsu (Shusha)
232.35017: Porrhomma pygmaeum Porrhomma pygmaeum Ismaily
233.35018: Porrhomma pygmaeum Porrhomma pygmaeum Spitak
234.35019: Porrhomma pygmaeum Porrhomma pygmaeum Shamshaduin
235.35031: Sintula corniger Sintula corniger Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
236.35032: Sintula corniger Sintula corniger Shusha
237.35033: Sintula corniger Sintula corniger Turshsu (Shusha)
238.35034: Sintula corniger Sintula corniger Pirkuli
239.35036: Sintula oseticus Sintula oseticus Tsey
240.35037: Sintula oseticus Sintula oseticus Zintsar
241.35038: Sintula oseticus Sintula oseticus Uiltsa
242.35039: Sintula retroversus Sintula retroversus Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
243.35042: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Kelasuri
244.35043: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Kintrishi State Reserve
245.35044: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Khulo
246.35045: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Batumi
247.35046: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Sabaduri Pass
248.35047: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Tqibuli
249.35048: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Mamison Pass
250.35049: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Akhmeta
251.35050: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Novomikhailovski
252.35051: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Krasnaya Polyana
253.35052: Stemonyphantes agnatus Stemonyphantes agnatus Goriachiy Klyuch
254.35053: Stemonyphantes lineatus Stemonyphantes lineatus Tsey
255.35057: Theonina kratochvili Theonina kratochvili Tsey
256.35064: Troglohyphantes charitonovi Troglohyphantes charitonovi Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve
257.35065: Troglohyphantes charitonovi Troglohyphantes charitonovi Krasnaya Polyana
258.35071: Alioranus diclivitalis Alioranus diclivitalis Tsey
259.35072: Alioranus diclivitalis Alioranus diclivitalis Tsey
260.35073: Alioranus diclivitalis Alioranus diclivitalis Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
261.35074: Alioranus diclivitalis Alioranus diclivitalis Teberda State Reserve
262.35075: Allotiso lancearius Allotiso lancearius Kherkhvashi
263.35076: Allotiso lancearius Allotiso lancearius Khodjali Mtn
264.35079: Araeoncus caucasicus Araeoncus caucasicus Zakataly
265.35084: Araeoncus galeriformis Araeoncus galeriformis Teberda State Reserve
266.35085: Araeoncus galeriformis Araeoncus galeriformis Tsey
267.35091: Asthenargus caucasicus Asthenargus caucasicus Arkhyz
268.35092: Asthenargus caucasicus Asthenargus caucasicus Sardarkent
269.35093: Asthenargus caucasicus Asthenargus caucasicus Garakh
270.35094: Asthenargus caucasicus Asthenargus caucasicus Tsey
271.35095: Asthenargus caucasicus Asthenargus caucasicus Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
272.35096: Asthenargus caucasicus Asthenargus caucasicus Ismaily
273.35097: Asthenargus caucasicus Asthenargus caucasicus Altyagatsh
274.35101: Bisetifer cephalotus Bisetifer cephalotus Babaneuri Protected Area
275.35102: Bisetifer cephalotus Bisetifer cephalotus Magalakhari Pass
276.35103: Bisetifer cephalotus Bisetifer cephalotus Tbilisi National Park
277.35104: Bisetifer cephalotus Bisetifer cephalotus Qvareli
278.35105: Bisetifer cephalotus Bisetifer cephalotus Ismaily
279.35106: Bisetifer cephalotus Bisetifer cephalotus Bash Layski
280.35115: Ceratinella brevipes Ceratinella brevipes Mt. Abago
281.35116: Ceratinella brevipes Ceratinella brevipes Teberda State Reserve
282.35117: Ceratinella brevipes Ceratinella brevipes Dombai
283.35118: Ceratinella brevipes Ceratinella brevipes Kherkhvashi
284.35123: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Krasnaya Polyana
285.35124: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Teberda State Reserve
286.35125: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Tsey
287.35126: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Mestia
288.35127: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Algeti National Park
289.35128: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Tbilisi
290.35129: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Kolkheti National Park
291.35130: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Turshsu (Shusha)
292.35131: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Ijevan
293.35132: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Ijevan
294.35133: Ceratinella brevis Ceratinella brevis Pushkin Pass
295.35145: Ceratinella scabrosa Ceratinella scabrosa Arkhyz
296.35146: Ceratinella scabrosa Ceratinella scabrosa Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
297.35147: Ceratinella scabrosa Ceratinella scabrosa Mukhura
298.35148: Ceratinella scabrosa Ceratinella scabrosa Stepanavan
299.35155: Ceratinopsis romana Styloctetor romanus Berdavan
300.35158: Dicymbium nigrum at Abago S of Guzeripl Dicymbium nigrum Mt. Abago
301.35159: Dicymbium nigrum Dicymbium nigrum Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
302.35160: Dicymbium nigrum Dicymbium nigrum Ardon River (Alagir Valley)
303.35161: Dicymbium nigrum Dicymbium nigrum Kherkhvashi
304.35175: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Arkhyz
305.35176: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Teberda State Reserve
306.35177: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
307.35178: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Verhinij Chegem
308.35179: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Nakra
309.35180: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Kherkhvashi
310.35181: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Algeti National Park
311.35182: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Ritsa Lake
312.35183: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Kuba
313.35184: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Stepanavan
314.35185: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Vanadzor
315.35186: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Ijevan
316.35187: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Ijevan
317.35188: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Odzun
318.35189: Diplocephalus latifrons Diplocephalus latifrons Pushkin Pass
319.35199: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Pslukh
320.35200: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Teberda State Reserve
321.35201: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Khiv
322.35202: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
323.35203: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Tbilisi
324.35204: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Tbilisi
325.35205: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Magalakhari Pass
326.35206: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
327.35207: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Akhmeta
328.35208: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Saparlo
329.35209: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Tbilisi National Park
330.35210: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Kherkhvashi
331.35211: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Odzun
332.35212: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Ekheknut
333.35213: Diplocephalus picinus Diplocephalus picinus Astara
334.35219: Diplocephalus transcaucasicus Diplocephalus transcaucasicus Osakuja
335.35220: Diplocephalus transcaucasicus Diplocephalus transcaucasicus Osakuja
336.35227: Erigone capra Erigone dentigera Teberda State Reserve
337.35232: Erigone dentipalpis Erigone dentipalpis Kardzhin
338.35233: Erigone dentipalpis Erigone dentipalpis Tsey
339.35234: Erigone dentipalpis Erigone dentipalpis Astara
340.35243: Erigone vagans Prinerigone vagans Niszhnaya Yashtukha
341.35248: Erigonoplus globipes Erigonoplus globipes Shorzha
342.35249: Erigonoplus jarmilae Erigonoplus jarmilae Ardon River (Alagir Valley)
343.35250: Erigonoplus jarmilae Erigonoplus jarmilae Adler
344.35252: Gnathonarium dentatum Gnathonarium dentatum Kirov (Lenkoran)
345.35261: Gonatium rubens Gonatium rubens Uiltsa
346.35262: Gonatium rubens Gonatium rubens Tsey
347.35263: Gonatium rubens Gonatium rubens Ritsa Lake
348.35265: Gonatium rubens Gonatium rubens Kuba
349.35282: Gongylidium rufipes Gongylidium rufipes Teberda State Reserve
350.35283: Hilaira tatrica tatrica Oreoneta tatrica Teberda State Reserve
351.35284: Hilaira tatrica tatrica Oreoneta tatrica Dombai
352.35285: Hilaira tatrica tatrica Oreoneta tatrica Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
353.35286: Hilaira tatrica tatrica Oreoneta tatrica Verhinij Chegem
354.35292: Hylyphantes nigritus Hylyphantes nigritus Kolkheti National Park
355.35303: Hypselistes jacksoni Hypselistes jacksoni Tsey
356.35304: Hypselistes jacksoni Hypselistes jacksoni Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
357.35306: Lasiargus hirsutus Lasiargus hirsutus Tsey
358.35309: Maso sundevalli Maso sundevalli Arkhyz
359.35310: Maso sundevalli Maso sundevalli Uiltsa
360.35311: Maso sundevalli Maso sundevalli Tbilisi National Park
361.35312: Maso sundevalli Maso sundevalli Ritsa Lake
362.35313: Maso sundevalli Maso sundevalli Batumi
363.35326: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Pslukh
364.35327: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Arkhyz
365.35328: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Verhinij Chegem
366.35329: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Muschichi
367.35330: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Khiv
368.35331: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Tsey
369.35332: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Kherkhvashi
370.35333: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Tbilisi
371.35334: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
372.35335: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Alaverdi
373.35336: Micrargus herbigradus Micrargus herbigradus Odzun
374.35344: Micrargus subaequalis Micrargus subaequalis Verhinij Chegem
375.35345: Micrargus subaequalis Micrargus subaequalis Kardzhin
376.35346: Micrargus subaequalis Micrargus subaequalis Uiltsa
377.35347: Micrargus subaequalis Micrargus subaequalis Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
378.35348: Micrargus subaequalis Micrargus subaequalis Tsey
379.35349: Micrargus subaequalis Micrargus subaequalis Spitak
380.35350: Micrargus subaequalis Micrargus subaequalis Tsakhkavan
381.35351: Micrargus subaequalis Micrargus subaequalis Berdavan
382.35358: Minicia alticola Minicia alticola Lagodekhi Reserve
383.35359: Minicia caspiana Minicia caspiana Divichi
384.35360: Minicia caspiana Minicia caspiana Divichi
385.35361: Minyrioloides trifrons Baryphyma trifrons Divichi
386.35364: Nematogmus sanguinolentus Nematogmus sanguinolentus Kolkheti National Park
387.35367: Oedothorax apicatus Oedothorax apicatus Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
388.35368: Oedothorax apicatus Oedothorax apicatus Niszhnaya Yashtukha
389.35373: Oedothorax meridionalis Oedothorax meridionalis Algeti National Park
390.35374: Oedothorax meridionalis Oedothorax meridionalis Babaneuri Protected Area
391.35375: Oedothorax meridionalis Oedothorax meridionalis Vanadzor
392.35379: Panamomops fedotovi Panamomops fedotovi Magalakhari Pass
393.35380: Panamomops fedotovi Panamomops fedotovi Shnokh
394.35383: Pelecopsis crassipes Pelecopsis crassipes Kardzhin
395.35384: Pelecopsis crassipes Pelecopsis crassipes Tsey
396.35385: Pelecopsis crassipes Pelecopsis crassipes Divichi
397.35390: Pelecopsis krausi at Tsey Scutpelecopsis wunderlichi Tsey misident. see Ponomarev & Komarev (2013:91)
398.35391: Pelecopsis krausi Scutpelecopsis krausi Shnokh
399.35394: Peponocranium orbiculatum Peponocranium orbiculatum Tsey
400.35396: Pocadicnemis pumila Pocadicnemis pumila Teberda State Reserve
401.35397: Pocadicnemis pumila Pocadicnemis pumila Tsey
402.35398: Pocadicnemis pumila Pocadicnemis pumila Algeti National Park
403.35399: Pocadicnemis pumila Pocadicnemis pumila Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
404.35411: Scotinotylus evansi Scotinotylus evansi Teberda State Reserve
405.35412: Scotinotylus evansi Scotinotylus evansi Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
406.35413: Scotinotylus evansi Scotinotylus evansi Tsey
407.35415: Silometopus elegans Silometopus elegans Teberda State Reserve
408.35416: Silometopus elegans Silometopus elegans Tsey
409.35417: Silometopus elegans Silometopus elegans Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
410.35418: Silometopus elegans Silometopus elegans Ulubij Aul
411.35420: Tapinocyba pallens Tapinocyba pallens Algeti National Park
412.35421: Tapinocyba pallens Tapinocyba pallens Pushkin Pass
413.35424: Tapinocyboides pygmaeus Tapinocyboides pygmaeus Tsey
414.35425: Tapinocyboides pygmaeus Tapinocyboides pygmaeus Uiltsa
415.35426: Thyreosthenius parasiticus Thyreosthenius parasiticus Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
416.35427: Tiso camillus Tiso camillus Istisu (Astara)
417.35429: Trematocephalus cristatus Trematocephalus cristatus Pslukh
418.35430: Trematocephalus cristatus Trematocephalus cristatus Kolkheti National Park
419.35431: Trematocephalus cristatus Trematocephalus cristatus Batumi
420.35432: Trematocephalus cristatus Trematocephalus cristatus Belokan
421.35434: Trichoncoides piscator Trichoncoides piscator Zakataly
422.35435: Trichoncoides piscator Trichoncoides piscator Pirkuli
423.35439: Trichoncus hispidosus Trichoncus hispidosus Tsey
424.35440: Trichoncus hispidosus Trichoncus hispidosus Tsey
425.35441: Trichoncus hispidosus Trichoncus hispidosus Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
426.35442: Trichoncus hispidosus Trichoncus hispidosus Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve
427.35443: Trichoncus hispidosus Trichoncus hispidosus Teberda State Reserve
428.35445: Trichoncus vasconicus Trichoncus vasconicus Kardzhin
429.35446: Trichopterna cito Trichopterna cito Tsey
430.35447: Trichopterna cito Trichopterna cito Ardon River (Alagir Valley)
431.35450: Typhochrestus inflatus Typhochrestus inflatus Gosmalyan
432.35452: Walckenaeria acuminata Walckenaeria acuminata Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
433.35453: Walckenaeria acuminata Walckenaeria acuminata Alaverdi
434.35454: Walckenaeria antica Walckenaeria antica Khosta
435.35455: Walckenaeria antica Walckenaeria antica Khiv
436.35456: Walckenaeria antica Walckenaeria antica Kardzhin
437.35457: Walckenaeria antica Walckenaeria antica Tsey
438.35458: Walckenaeria antica Walckenaeria antica Mariamdshvarski Protected Area
439.35459: Walckenaeria antica Walckenaeria antica Batsaris Protected Area
440.35460: Walckenaeria antica Walckenaeria antica Kuba
441.35461: Walckenaeria antica Walckenaeria antica Nabran
442.35462: Walckenaeria antica Walckenaeria antica Vanadzor
443.35463: Walckenaeria antica Walckenaeria antica Alaverdi
444.35464: Walckenaeria atrotibialis Walckenaeria atrotibialis Arkhyz
445.35465: Walckenaeria atrotibialis Walckenaeria atrotibialis Pslukh
446.35466: Walckenaeria atrotibialis Walckenaeria atrotibialis Ardon River (Kabardino-Sunshenskiy Ridge)
447.35467: Walckenaeria atrotibialis Walckenaeria atrotibialis Kherkhvashi
448.35474: Walckenaeria capito Walckenaeria capito Kardzhin
449.35475: Walckenaeria capito Walckenaeria capito Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
450.35476: Walckenaeria capito Walckenaeria capito 12 km E of Ismailly
451.35479: Walckenaeria cucullata Walckenaeria cucullata Pregradnaja
452.35480: Walckenaeria cucullata Walckenaeria cucullata Elbrus (village)
453.35481: Walckenaeria cucullata Walckenaeria cucullata Tsey
454.35482: Walckenaeria cucullata Walckenaeria cucullata Mestia
455.35483: Walckenaeria cucullata Walckenaeria cucullata Yarimja
456.35484: Walckenaeria cucullata Walckenaeria cucullata Alaverdi
457.35486: Walckenaeria fugax Walckenaeria dysderoides Yarimja
458.35487: Walckenaeria furcillata Walckenaeria furcillata Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
459.35493: Walckenaeria nudipalpis Walckenaeria nudipalpis Teberda State Reserve
460.35494: Walckenaeria nudipalpis Walckenaeria nudipalpis Pirkuli
461.35495: Walckenaeria nudipalpis Walckenaeria nudipalpis Yarimja
462.35496: Walckenaeria vigilax Walckenaeria vigilax Niszhnaya Yashtukha
463.Gongylidiellum murcidum, misident. (see Tanasevitch (2011)) Gongylidiellum vivum Cross Pass (Surami)
464.Gongylidiellum murcidum, misident. (see Tanasevitch (2011)) Gongylidiellum vivum Fiagdon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
465.Gongylidiellum murcidum, misident. (see Tanasevitch (2011)) Gongylidiellum vivum Guzeripl
466.Gongylidiellum murcidum, misident. (see Tanasevitch (2011)) Gongylidiellum vivum Kherkhvashi
467.Gongylidiellum murcidum, misident. (see Tanasevitch (2011)) Gongylidiellum vivum Algeti National Park
468.Gongylidiellum murcidum, misident. (see Tanasevitch (2011)) Gongylidiellum vivum Ritsa Lake
469.holotype of Bolyphantes caucasicus at Tsey Bolephthyphantes caucasicus Tsey
470.Hypomma cornuta at Abago, S of Guzeripl Hypomma cornutum Mt. Abago
471.Sintula corniger at Abago, S of Guzeripl Sintula corniger Mt. Abago
472.Walckenaeria monoceros at Divichi Walckenaeria monoceros Divichi
473.Walckenaeria monoceros on Mt. Kariukhokh Walckenaeria monoceros Kariukhokh Mt.
474.Walckenaeria monoceros on Skalistiy ridge in Ardon river basin Walckenaeria monoceros Ardon River (Skalistiy Ridge)
475.Walckenaeria monoceros on Tsey mountain ridge Walckenaeria monoceros Tsey
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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