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Gegechkori, A., Mkheidze, T., & Pkhakadze, V. (2005b): The zoogeographical - chorological review of the spiders (family Thomisidae) of Georgia. Proc. Georg. Acad. Sci., Biol. Ser. B, 3 (2).PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.39726: Xysticus audax Xysticus audax Georgia
2.39727: Xysticus cristatus Xysticus cristatus Georgia
3.39728: Xysticus kochi Xysticus kochi Georgia
4.39730: Xysticus galliscus Xysticus gallicus Georgia
5.39731: Xysticus galliscus betumiensis Xysticus gallicus Georgia
6.39732: Xysticus umbrinus Xysticus spasskyi Georgia
7.39733: Xysticus cambrigei Xysticus sabulosus Georgia
8.39734: Xysticus ulmi Xysticus ulmi Georgia
9.39735: Xysticus kalandaze Xysticus kalandadzei Georgia
10.39736: Xysticus ukrainicus Xysticus ukrainicus Georgia
11.39737: Xysticus lanio Xysticus lanio Georgia
12.39738: Xysticus acerbus Xysticus acerbus Georgia
13.39739: Xysticus luctuosus Xysticus luctuosus Georgia
14.39740: Xysticus lineatus Xysticus lineatus Georgia
15.39741: Xysticus caucasicus Xysticus caucasius Georgia
16.39742: Xysticus kempeleni Xysticus kempeleni Georgia
17.39743: Xysticus striatipes Xysticus striatipes Georgia
18.39744: Xysticus ninni Xysticus ninnii Georgia
19.39745: Xysticus sabulosus Xysticus sabulosus Georgia
20.39746: Xysticus marmoratus Xysticus marmoratus Georgia
21.39747: Xysticus charitonovi Xysticus charitonowi Georgia
22.39748: Xysticus bacuriensis Xysticus bacurianensis Georgia
23.39749: Xysticus cribratus Xysticus cribratus Georgia
24.39750: Xysticus adzharicus Xysticus adzharicus Georgia
25.39751: Xysticus robustus Xysticus robustus Georgia
26.39752: Xysticus tristami Xysticus tristrami Georgia
27.39753: Xysticus nubilus Xysticus nubilus Georgia
28.39754: Oxiptila mingrelica Ozyptila mingrelica Georgia
29.39755: Oxiptila praticola Ozyptila praticola Georgia
30.39756: Oxiptila lugubris Ozyptila lugubris Georgia
31.39757: Oxiptila trux Ozyptila trux Georgia
32.39758: Oxiptila baudueri Bassaniana baudueri Georgia
33.39759: Oxiptila conostyla Ozyptila conostyla Georgia
34.39760: Oxiptila scarbicula Ozyptila scabricula Georgia
35.39761: Synaema caucasum Synema caucasicum Georgia
36.39762: Synaema globosum Synema globosum Georgia
37.39763: Synaema globosum dagestanicus Synema globosum Georgia
38.39764: Synaema richteri Synema plorator Georgia
39.39765: Tmarus piger Tmarus piger Georgia
40.39766: Tmarus stellio Tmarus stellio Georgia
41.39767: Tmarus horvathi Tmarus horvathi Georgia
42.39768: Heriaeus hirtus Heriaeus hirtus Georgia
43.39769: Heriaeus oblongus Heriaeus oblongus Georgia
44.39770: Rucinia lateralis Runcinia grammica Georgia
45.39771: Pisticus truncatus Pistius truncatus Georgia
46.39772: Misumena vatia Misumena vatia Georgia
47.39773: Diae dorsata Diaea dorsata Georgia
48.39774: Thomisus onustus Thomisus onustus Georgia
49.39775: Misumenops tricupsidatus Ebrechtella tricuspidata Georgia
Information compiled from the Caucasian Spiders Database ( under the Open Database License (ODbL). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

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