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Pkhakadze, V. (2006): The spiders of Tbilisi valley (Arthropoda, Araneae): fauna, ecology, zoogeography. [in Georgian] Dissertation at the Dshavakhishvili University, 153 pp.PDFBibTeX
# Original Records at this Location Species Location Comment
1.Achaearanea lunata in Tbilisi Parasteatoda lunata Tbilisi
2.Achaearanea tepidariorum in Tbilisi Parasteatoda tepidariorum Tbilisi
3.Aculepeira armida in Tbilisi Aculepeira armida Tbilisi
4.Aculepeira ceropegia in Tbilisi Aculepeira ceropegia Tbilisi
5.Aelurillus concolor in Tbilisi Aelurillus concolor Tbilisi
6.Aelurillus v-insignitus in Tbilisi Aelurillus v-insignitus Tbilisi
7.Agalenathea [sic] redii in Tbilisi Agalenatea redii Tbilisi
8.Agelena labyrinthica in Tbilisi Agelena labyrinthica Tbilisi
9.Agelena orientalis in Tbilisi Agelena orientalis Tbilisi
10.Agelescape caucasica in Tbilisi Persiscape caucasica Tbilisi
11.Agelescape dunini in Tbilisi Persiscape gideoni Tbilisi
12.Alopecosa accentuata in Tbilisi Alopecosa farinosa Tbilisi
13.Alopecosa aculeata in Tbilisi Alopecosa aculeata Tbilisi
14.Alopecosa albofasciata in Tbilisi Alopecosa albofasciata Tbilisi
15.Alopecosa cuneata in Tbilisi Alopecosa cuneata Tbilisi
16.Alopecosa cursor in Tbilisi Alopecosa cursor Tbilisi
17.Alopecosa pinetorum in Tbilisi Alopecosa pinetorum Tbilisi
18.Alopecosa schmidti in Tbilisi Alopecosa schmidti Tbilisi
19.Alopecosa solitaria in Tbilisi Alopecosa solitaria Tbilisi
20.Alopecosa sulzeri in Tbilisi Alopecosa sulzeri Tbilisi
21.Alopecosa taeniopus in Tbilisi Alopecosa taeniopus Tbilisi
22.Amaurobius erberi in Tbilisi Amaurobius erberi Tbilisi
23.Amaurobius fenestralis in Tbilisi Amaurobius fenestralis Tbilisi
24.Amaurobius similis in Tbilisi Amaurobius similis Tbilisi
25.Anyphaena accentuata in Tbilisi Anyphaena accentuata Tbilisi
26.Aphantaulax trifasciata in Tbilisi Aphantaulax trifasciata Tbilisi
27.Araneus angulatus in Tbilisi Araneus angulatus Tbilisi
28.Araneus circe in Tbilisi Araneus circe Tbilisi
29.Araneus diadematus in Tbilisi Araneus diadematus Tbilisi
30.Araneus grossus in Tbilisi Araneus grossus Tbilisi
31.Araneus marmoreus in Tbilisi Araneus marmoreus Tbilisi
32.Araneus quadratus in Tbilisi Araneus quadratus Tbilisi
33.Araniella cucurbitina in Tbilisi Araniella cucurbitina Tbilisi
34.Araniella opisthographa in Tbilisi Araniella opisthographa Tbilisi
35.Araniella tbilisiensis in Tbilisi Araniella opisthographa Tbilisi misident.
36.Archaeodictyna consecuta in Tbilisi Archaeodictyna consecuta Tbilisi
37.Arctosa cinerea in Tbilisi Arctosa cinerea Tbilisi
38.Arctosa leopardus in Tbilisi Arctosa leopardus Tbilisi
39.Arctosa tbilisiensis in Tbilisi Arctosa tbilisiensis Tbilisi
40.Argiope bruennichi in Tbilisi Argiope bruennichi Tbilisi
41.Argiope lobata in Tbilisi Argiope lobata Tbilisi
42.Argyroneta aquatica in Tbilisi Argyroneta aquatica Tbilisi
43.Asianellus festivus in Tbilisi Asianellus festivus Tbilisi
44.Aulonia albimana in Tbilisi Aulonia albimana Tbilisi
45.Ballus depressus in Tbilisi Ballus chalybeius Tbilisi
46.Cheiracanthium erraticum in Tbilisi Cheiracanthium erraticum Tbilisi
47.Cheiracanthium mildei in Tbilisi Cheiracanthium mildei Tbilisi
48.Cheiracanthium pennyi in Tbilisi Cheiracanthium pennyi Tbilisi
49.Cheiracanthium punctorium in Tbilisi Cheiracanthium punctorium Tbilisi
50.Clubiona corticalis in Tbilisi Clubiona corticalis Tbilisi
51.Clubiona lutescens in Tbilisi Clubiona lutescens Tbilisi
52.Clubiona neglecta in Tbilisi Clubiona neglecta Tbilisi
53.Clubiona pallidula in Tbilisi Clubiona pallidula Tbilisi
54.Coriarachne depressa in Tbilisi Coriarachne depressa Tbilisi
55.Cryptoparachtes charitonowi in Tbilisi Cryptoparachtes charitonowi Tbilisi
56.Cryptoparachtes fedotovi in Tbilisi Cryptoparachtes fedotovi Tbilisi
57.Cyclosa conica in Tbilisi Cyclosa conica Tbilisi
58.Cyclosa oculata in Tbilisi Cyclosa oculata Tbilisi
59.Cyclosa sierrae in Tbilisi Cyclosa sierrae Tbilisi
60.Dendryphantes rudis in Tbilisi Dendryphantes rudis Tbilisi
61.Diaea dorsata in Tbilisi Diaea dorsata Tbilisi
62.Diaea livens in Tbilisi Diaea livens Tbilisi
63.Dipoena melanogaster in Tbilisi Dipoena melanogaster Tbilisi
64.Drassodes lapidosus in Tbilisi Drassodes lapidosus Tbilisi
65.Drassodes pubescens in Tbilisi Drassodes pubescens Tbilisi
66.Drassylus praeficus [sic] in Tbilisi Drassyllus praeficus Tbilisi
67.Drassylus [sic] vinealis in Tbilisi Drassyllus vinealis Tbilisi
68.Dysdera azerbajdzhanica in Tbilisi Dysdera azerbajdzhanica Tbilisi
69.Dysdera crocata in Tbilisi Dysdera crocata Tbilisi
70.Dysdera dunini in Tbilisi Dysdera dunini Tbilisi
71.Dysdera erythrina in Tbilisi Dysdera erythrina Tbilisi
72.Dysdera richteri in Tbilisi Dysdera richteri Tbilisi
73.Dysdera spasskyi in Tbilisi Dysdera spasskyi Tbilisi
74.Dysdera tbilisiensis in Tbilisi Dysdera tbilisiensis Tbilisi
75.Dysdera ukrainensis in Tbilisi Dysdera ukrainensis Tbilisi
76.Dysdera westringi in Tbilisi Dysdera lata Tbilisi probably misident., see D. lata
77.Ebrechtella tricuspidata in Tbilisi Ebrechtella tricuspidata Tbilisi
78.Enoplognatha latimana in Tbilisi Enoplognatha latimana Tbilisi
79.Enoplognatha ovata in Tbilisi Enoplognatha ovata Tbilisi
80.Episinus truncatus in Tbilisi Episinus truncatus Tbilisi
81.Eresus cinnaberinus in Tbilisi Eresus kollari Tbilisi
82.Eresus lavrosiae in Tbilisi Eresus lavrosiae Tbilisi
83.Ero aphana in Tbilisi Ero aphana Tbilisi
84.Evarcha arcuata in Tbilisi Evarcha arcuata Tbilisi
85.Filistata insidiatrix in Tbilisi Filistata insidiatrix Tbilisi
86.Frontinellina frutetorum in Tbilisi Frontinellina frutetorum Tbilisi
87.Geolycosa dunini in Tbilisi Geolycosa dunini Tbilisi
88.Gnaphosa azerbaidzhanica in Tbilisi Gnaphosa azerbaidzhanica Tbilisi
89.Gnaphosa modestior in Tbilisi Gnaphosa modestior Tbilisi
90.Gnaphosa taurica in Tbilisi Gnaphosa taurica Tbilisi
91.Haplodrassus dalmatensis in Tbilisi Haplodrassus dalmatensis Tbilisi
92.Haplodrassus signifer in Tbilisi Haplodrassus signifer Tbilisi
93.Harpactocrates trialetiensis in Tbilisi Harpactocrates trialetiensis Tbilisi
94.Heliophanus cupreus in Tbilisi Heliophanus cupreus Tbilisi
95.Heliophanus dubius in Tbilisi Heliophanus dubius Tbilisi
96.Heliophanus flavipes in Tbilisi Heliophanus flavipes Tbilisi
97.Heliophanus melinus in Tbilisi Heliophanus melinus Tbilisi
98.Heliophanus mordax in Tbilisi Heliophanus mordax Tbilisi
99.Heriaeus melloteei in Tbilisi Heriaeus oblongus Tbilisi
100.Hogna radiata in Tbilisi Hogna radiata Tbilisi
101.Hygrocrates georgicus in Tbilisi Hygrocrates georgicus Tbilisi
102.Hypsosinga albovittata in Tbilisi Hypsosinga albovittata Tbilisi
103.Hypsosinga pygmaea in Tbilisi Hypsosinga pygmaea Tbilisi
104.Hyptiotes paradoxus in Tbilisi Hyptiotes paradoxus Tbilisi
105.Larinioides cornutus in Tbilisi Larinioides cornutus Tbilisi
106.Larinioides folium in Tbilisi Larinioides suspicax Tbilisi
107.Latrodectus tredecimguttatus in Tbilisi Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Tbilisi
108.Linyphia hortensis in Tbilisi Linyphia hortensis Tbilisi
109.Linyphia triangularis in Tbilisi Linyphia triangularis Tbilisi
110.Lycosa praegrandis in Tbilisi Lycosa praegrandis Tbilisi
111.Lycosa singoriensis in Tbilisi Lycosa singoriensis Tbilisi
112.Lycosa vultuosa in Tbilisi Geolycosa vultuosa Tbilisi
113.Macaroeris nidicolens in Tbilisi Macaroeris nidicolens Tbilisi
114.Mangora acalypha in Tbilisi Mangora acalypha Tbilisi
115.Menemerus semilimbatus in Tbilisi Menemerus semilimbatus Tbilisi
116.Menemerus taeniatus in Tbilisi Menemerus taeniatus Tbilisi
117.Metellina mengei in Tbilisi Metellina mengei Tbilisi
118.Metellina merianae in Tbilisi Metellina merianae Tbilisi
119.Metellina segmentata in Tbilisi Metellina segmentata Tbilisi
120.Micaria albovittata in Tbilisi Micaria albovittata Tbilisi
121.Micrommata virescens in Tbilisi Micrommata virescens Tbilisi
122.Misumena vatia in Tbilisi Misumena vatia Tbilisi
123.Monaeses paradoxus in Tbilisi Monaeses paradoxus Tbilisi
124.Neoscona adianta in Tbilisi Neoscona adianta Tbilisi
125.Neoscona subfusca in Tbilisi Neoscona subfusca Tbilisi
126.Neriene emphana in Tbilisi Neriene emphana Tbilisi
127.Neriene montana in Tbilisi Neriene montana Tbilisi
128.Nomisia aussereri in Tbilisi Nomisia aussereri Tbilisi
129.Nomisia conigera in Tbilisi Nomisia conigera Tbilisi
130.Nomisia exornata in Tbilisi Nomisia exornata Tbilisi
131.Nuctenea umbratica in Tbilisi Nuctenea umbratica Tbilisi
132.Oecobius annulipes in Tbilisi Oecobius navus Tbilisi
133.Oxyopes globifer in Tbilisi Oxyopes globifer Tbilisi
134.Oxyopes heterophthalmus in Tbilisi Oxyopes heterophthalmus Tbilisi
135.Oxyopes lineatus in Tbilisi Oxyopes lineatus Tbilisi
136.Oxyopes ramosus in Tbilisi Oxyopes ramosus Tbilisi
137.Ozyptila baudueri in Tbilisi Bassaniana baudueri Tbilisi
138.Ozyptila lugubris in Tbilisi Xysticus tuberosus Tbilisi
139.Ozyptila praticola in Tbilisi Ozyptila praticola Tbilisi
140.Ozyptila trux in Tbilisi Ozyptila trux Tbilisi
141.Paracoelotes spasskyi in Tbilisi Pireneitega spasskyi Tbilisi
142.Paratibellus oblongiusculus in Tbilisi Thanatus oblongiusculus Tbilisi
143.Pardosa agricola in Tbilisi Pardosa agricola Tbilisi
144.Pardosa amentata in Tbilisi Pardosa amentata Tbilisi
145.Pardosa azerifalcata in Tbilisi Pardosa azerifalcata Tbilisi
146.Pardosa bifasciata in Tbilisi Pardosa bifasciata Tbilisi
147.Pardosa caraenseis [sic] in Tbilisi, referring to P. caraiensis Mkheidze, 1946 Pardosa pontica Tbilisi
148.Pardosa hortensis in Tbilisi Pardosa hortensis Tbilisi
149.Pardosa italica in Tbilisi Pardosa italica Tbilisi
150.Pardosa lugubris in Tbilisi Pardosa lugubris Tbilisi
151.Pardosa monticola in Tbilisi Pardosa monticola Tbilisi
152.Pardosa morosa in Tbilisi Pardosa morosa Tbilisi
153.Pardosa pontica in Tbilisi Pardosa pontica Tbilisi
154.Pardosa proxima in Tbilisi Pardosa proxima Tbilisi
155.Pardosa sphagnicola in Tbilisi Pardosa sphagnicola Tbilisi
156.Pardosa tatarica in Tbilisi Pardosa tatarica Tbilisi
157.Pardosa vittata in Tbilisi Pardosa vittata Tbilisi
158.Pelecopsis odontophorum in Tbilisi Pelecopsis odontophora Tbilisi
159.Pellenes epularis in Tbilisi Pellenes epularis Tbilisi
160.Pellenes nigrociliatus in Tbilisi Pellenes nigrociliatus Tbilisi
161.Phaeocedus braccatus in Tbilisi Phaeocedus braccatus Tbilisi
162.Philaeus chrysops in Tbilisi Philaeus chrysops Tbilisi
163.Philodromus aureolus in Tbilisi Philodromus aureolus Tbilisi
164.Philodromus cespitum in Tbilisi Philodromus cespitum Tbilisi
165.Philodromus collinus in Tbilisi Philodromus collinus Tbilisi
166.Philodromus dilutus in Tbilisi Philodromus dilutus Tbilisi
167.Philodromus dispar in Tbilisi Philodromus dispar Tbilisi
168.Philodromus emarginatus in Tbilisi Philodromus emarginatus Tbilisi
169.Philodromus histrio in Tbilisi Rhysodromus histrio Tbilisi
170.Philodromus margaritatus in Tbilisi Philodromus margaritatus Tbilisi
171.Philodromus rufus in Tbilisi Philodromus rufus Tbilisi
172.Phintella castriesiana in Tbilisi Phintella castriesiana Tbilisi
173.Pholcus phalangioides in Tbilisi Pholcus phalangioides Tbilisi
174.Pirata knorri in Tbilisi Pirata knorri Tbilisi
175.Pisaura mirabilis in Tbilisi Pisaura mirabilis Tbilisi
176.Pisaura novicia in Tbilisi Pisaura novicia Tbilisi
177.Pistius truncatus in Tbilisi Pistius truncatus Tbilisi
178.Pseudeuophrys erratica in Tbilisi Pseudeuophrys erratica Tbilisi
179.Runcinia grammica in Tbilisi Runcinia grammica Tbilisi
180.Scotophaeus scutulatus in Tbilisi Scotophaeus scutulatus Tbilisi
181.Scytodes thoracica in Tbilisi Scytodes thoracica Tbilisi
182.Segestria bavarica in Tbilisi Segestria bavarica Tbilisi
183.Singa hamata in Tbilisi Singa hamata Tbilisi
184.Spermophora senoculata in Tbilisi Spermophora senoculata Tbilisi
185.Steatoda albomaculata in Tbilisi Steatoda albomaculata Tbilisi
186.Steatoda bipunctata in Tbilisi Steatoda bipunctata Tbilisi
187.Steatoda castanea in Tbilisi Steatoda castanea Tbilisi
188.Steatoda grossa in Tbilisi Steatoda grossa Tbilisi
189.Steatoda paykulliana in Tbilisi Steatoda paykulliana Tbilisi
190.Steatoda phalerata in Tbilisi Asagena phalerata Tbilisi
191.Steatoda triangulosa in Tbilisi Steatoda triangulosa Tbilisi
192.Synema caucasicum in Tbilisi Synema caucasicum Tbilisi
193.Synema globosum in Tbilisi Synema globosum Tbilisi
194.Synema plorator in Tbilisi Synema plorator Tbilisi
195.Tegenaria domestica in Tbilisi Tegenaria domestica Tbilisi
196.Tegenaria pagana in Tbilisi Tegenaria pagana Tbilisi
197.Tenuiphantes morosus in Tbilisi Tenuiphantes morosus Tbilisi
198.Tenuiphantes tenuis in Tbilisi Tenuiphantes tenuis Tbilisi
199.Tetragnatha montana in Tbilisi Tetragnatha montana Tbilisi
200.Thanatus arenarius in Tbilisi Thanatus arenarius Tbilisi
201.Thanatus atratus in Tbilisi Thanatus atratus Tbilisi
202.Thanatus formicinus in Tbilisi Thanatus formicinus Tbilisi
203.Thanatus imbecillus in Tbilisi Thanatus imbecillus Tbilisi
204.Thanatus lineatipes in Tbilisi Thanatus lineatipes Tbilisi
205.Thanatus vulgaris in Tbilisi Thanatus vulgaris Tbilisi
206.Theridion impressum in Tbilisi Phylloneta impressa Tbilisi
207.Theridion melanurum in Tbilisi Theridion melanurum Tbilisi
208.Theridion nigrovariegatum in Tbilisi Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum Tbilisi
209.Theridion pinastri in Tbilisi Theridion pinastri Tbilisi
210.Thomisus onustus in Tbilisi Thomisus onustus Tbilisi
211.Tibellus macellus in Tbilisi Tibellus macellus Tbilisi
212.Tibellus maritimus in Tbilisi Tibellus maritimus Tbilisi
213.Tibellus oblongus in Tbilisi Tibellus oblongus Tbilisi
214.Titanoeca nivalis in Tbilisi Titanoeca nivalis Tbilisi
215.Titanoeca schineri in Tbilisi Titanoeca schineri Tbilisi
216.Tmarus horvathi in Tbilisi Tmarus punctatissimus Tbilisi
217.Tmarus piger in Tbilisi Tmarus piger Tbilisi
218.Tmarus stellio in Tbilisi Tmarus stellio Tbilisi
219.Trachyzelotes pedestris in Tbilisi Trachyzelotes pedestris Tbilisi
220.Trochosa robusta in Tbilisi Trochosa robusta Tbilisi
221.Trochosa ruricola in Tbilisi Trochosa ruricola Tbilisi
222.Uloborus walckenaerius in Tbilisi Uloborus walckenaerius Tbilisi
223.Urozelotes rusticus in Tbilisi Urozelotes rusticus Tbilisi
224.Xerolycosa miniata in Tbilisi Xerolycosa miniata Tbilisi
225.Xerolycosa nemoralis in Tbilisi Xerolycosa nemoralis Tbilisi
226.Xysticus acerbus in Tbilisi Xysticus acerbus Tbilisi
227.Xysticus cristatus in Tbilisi Xysticus cristatus Tbilisi
228.Xysticus embriki in Tbilisi Xysticus marmoratus Tbilisi
229.Xysticus gallicus in Tbilisi Xysticus gallicus Tbilisi
230.Xysticus kalandadzei in Tbilisi Xysticus kalandadzei Tbilisi
231.Xysticus kempeleni in Tbilisi Xysticus kempeleni Tbilisi
232.Xysticus kochi in Tbilisi Xysticus kochi Tbilisi
233.Xysticus lanio in Tbilisi Xysticus lanio Tbilisi
234.Xysticus lineatus in Tbilisi Xysticus lineatus Tbilisi
235.Xysticus loeffleri in Tbilisi Xysticus loeffleri Tbilisi
236.Xysticus luctator in Tbilisi Xysticus luctator Tbilisi
237.Xysticus luctuosus in Tbilisi Xysticus luctuosus Tbilisi
238.Xysticus ninnii in Tbilisi Psammitis ninnii Tbilisi
239.Xysticus robustus in Tbilisi Bassaniodes robustus Tbilisi
240.Xysticus sabulosus in Tbilisi Psammitis sabulosus Tbilisi
241.Xysticus striatipes in Tbilisi Spiracme striatipes Tbilisi
242.Xysticus tristrami in Tbilisi Bassaniodes tristrami Tbilisi
243.Xysticus ulmi in Tbilisi Xysticus ulmi Tbilisi
244.Zelotes atrocaeruleus in Tbilisi Zelotes atrocaeruleus Tbilisi
245.Zelotes longipes in Tbilisi Zelotes longipes Tbilisi
246.Zelotes petrensis in Tbilisi Zelotes petrensis Tbilisi
247.Zelotes subterraneus in Tbilisi Zelotes subterraneus Tbilisi
248.Zigiella [sic] montana in Tbilisi Zygiella montana Tbilisi
249.Zilla diodia in Tbilisi Zilla diodia Tbilisi
250.Zodarion thoni in Tbilisi Zodarion thoni Tbilisi
251.Zora pardalis in Tbilisi Zora pardalis Tbilisi
252.Zora spinimana in Tbilisi Zora spinimana Tbilisi
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